Nissan Patrol vs. Beethoven

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Infinity Squared approached MotoKinetic with the brief, “We need to build the most refined 4wd track, for the most refined Nissan Patrol ever.”

After a few production meetings it was decided that the track would be based on the musical waveform of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony (aka. Ode to Joy). So we set to work creating the 3D visualisations which were to be used by the agency, videographers, surveyors, and earth movers.

We then were tasked with scouting a suitable venue not only to build this track, but also somewhere that visually met the brief for the project.

The earth moving was planned to take approximately 2 weeks, and with agency and client staff spread across Australia, a live-streaming camera was installed for all to monitor progress, and to capture time lapse footage which was used in various cuts of the final production.

The final track far exceeded the expectations of the agency and client. A man-made mountain, the shape of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. Over half the length of a football field, over 5 storeys high, and over 6,500 cubic metres of earth.

Pat Callinan was the man tasked with tackling the mountain in the new Nissan Patrol.

Both Pat and the Patrol did an amazing job conquering the track we had designed and built. To be honest, when I was half way through the build I made a nervous call to the producer saying “this thing we are building is bigger than I imagined, I hope we can actually get over it”. Pat’s skill behind the wheel was awesome to see, and the new Nissan Patrol really impressed me with the way it worked it’s way up and over this mountain we had created.

– Renato Loberto

We like working on projects that challenge us. Projects that challenge the way we think, and challenge the way we work.


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