Top Gear Festival Durban 2013

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After the success of Top Gear Festival Sydney in March, MotoKinetic were engaged to work with the South African team to produce Top Gear Festival Durban. This event operates in a different manner to Sydney, in that the “live” show and “track” show take place in separate locations. The “live” show is produced in the Moses Mabhida Stadium, with the “track” show on a custom-built street circuit utilising the surrounding roads of the city of Durban.

MotoKinetic worked very closely with the South African management team, and were involved in the the final stages of the circuit design and build, coordinating and sourcing key content for both the “live” and “track” shows, and managing professional drivers and event staff, to produce elements of the “track” show.

A key element of the circuit build, was working with key contractors and suppliers to ensure the circuit was completed on time, and most importantly was safe, and obtained sign off from the local motorsport governing body, the MSA.

The circuit was based on the original A1 Grand Prix (A1 GP) layout however with considerable extensions, and modifications in several areas to ensure better crowd visibility, and to help reduce the pressure on the public roads surrounding the total event precinct.

The track show contained stunts and challenges, drifting demonstrations, and fully sanctioned circuit racing, so the placement of flag marshals, emergency access, run-off areas, kerbs, and signage was crucial to ensure it could be operated safely.

For some of the on-track content, choreographed race sequences for the “Hot Hatch Grudge Matches” were designed and rehearsed with local professional drivers; with the end result being unbelievably close and action-packed racing that the crowd loved.

In addition to this we were responsible for the track familiarisation for two-time Formula  1 World Champion, Mika Hakkinen; and then Red Bull Formula 1 test driver, and current DTM driver, Antonio Felix da Costa.


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The video below is on-board footage from the first ever flying lap of the circuit, during suitability testing. Renato Loberto at the wheel of a BMW M3 E92 SMG. The video footage and telemetry collected were used to establish final locations for flag points, and braking and directional boards, and also for driver familiarisation briefings.