Top Gear Live Festival Melbourne

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The Top Gear Live “live” show franchise had been touring the world for many years and had been to Australia prior to 2011. The traditional live show only format was getting tired, and the promoters were looking to add some new life to the event.

MotoKinetic were asked to create a “Festival” concept for the Australian tour in 2011, incorporating outdoor events in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth.

We completed due diligence for temporary circuits at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, and Melbourne Showgrounds, including full event concepts for both events and venues.

The promoter (Brand Events) decided major focus would be on a 4-day event in Melbourne, with a smaller activation in Brisbane, the week before.

MotoKinetic worked closely with the promoter’s Event Director, and Operations Manager, and UK production team, to produce a full event plan which would run standalone, yet alongside the Top Gear Live shows.

We created full site plans, incorporating 3D modelling of the entire Melbourne Showgrounds site to ensure the 1.1km temporary circuit was safe for the drivers, safety marshals, and the 45,000+ attendees.

We were responsible for all content onsite, sourcing and providing vehicles for the “live” shows, and over 400 cars and bikes, of which 120 were competition vehicles for the circuit, the remainder were for key static displays around the site.

The concepts and activation were so successful that it paved the way for the creation of the Top Gear Live Festival concept which has now gone global in Australia, South Africa, and Barbados.


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Event Management

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Professional Driving

The video below is on-board footage from a Tarmac Rally car completing a high speed run of the temporary circuit we designed, built, and managed for the event.