Engineering & Design

Proper engineering design, effective vehicle dynamics and car-setup will make your car easier to drive, lower your laptimes and save you money.

It sounds too good to be true, however it is all made possible because our qualified mechanical engineering team. We will apply engineering calculations to every decision and provide you with clear advice on what works and what doesn’t. We look at every detail that matters and nothing else. Not brand names or appearances, just the details that will improve performance.

Our experience not only engineering a car, but also from the drivers seat, means we have the know-how to setup a car so that it suits the drivers style.

There is no point hopping in a customers car and changing the car setup to suit how I drive. We take the time to understand how the client drives, how the chosen tyre works and where the car setup needs improvement. We then develop a progressive plan to make changes to the car. When we combine this with Data Analysis, we can see immediate results. Saving clients money by reducing uneccessary track mileage and/or test days.

Renato Loberto

Considering a part upgrade?

We can design new parts to suit your needs or analyse and compare options for purchased parts at a small additional cost. This will ensure that the money you spend on your next upgrade will make you faster, guaranteed.

We can also recommend trade services for engine and chassis fabrication work by workshops setting new benchmarks in race car build quality.

Need to make better use of existing equipment?

If you’re looking to make the best of your existing equipment then we’re also able to help. We can advise on base suspension setup in the garage and fine tuning at the track. Using laser metrology and fundamental vehicle dynamics principles we can set up your car to make the best use of its chassis, dampers and tyres.

We can work with you and your drivers to understand your vehicle and how to maximise the combined driver/vehicle performance.