About Us

MotoKinetic is an Australian owned and operated business that has been operating since 2004. With clients all over the world, MotoKinetic is leading the way in the provision of consulting services to the automotive and motorsports industries.

MotoKinetic was founded by Renato Loberto and Anthony Loberto. Two brothers with a passion for all things automotive, who continually strive for excellence in all that they do. Renato is supremely motivated and to this day, remains the driving force of MotoKinetic. Anthony has since pursued a career in a commercial engineering firm, and now runs his own boutique coffee roasters, The Beansmith, however still advises on special technical projects.

Through studies in Mechanical Engineering and Information Technology (IT), MotoKinetic were the pioneers of data analysis as a service in the Australian Motorsports industry.

Working as one of QLD’s leading corporate IT trainers and with 19 years circuit racing experience in Australia, Europe, UAE, and UK, Renato has developed a reputation as one of Australia’s leading performance driver trainers and driver coaches. Renato’s ability to identify potential for performance gains in both driver and car, produce a plan of action, then transfer knowledge, is second to none.

After spending time pursuing professional racing in the UK in 2008, Renato gained exposure and experience in the European automotive events industry. Upon his return to Australia, Renato identified the niche in the Australian market and evolved the business from driving and engineering services, into a fully-fledged consultancy. Growing his private track day and race-car testing events into Asia-Pacific’s leading bespoke automotive events consultancy.

MotoKinetic’s inspiration for the automotive industry stems from many years competing in various motorsport disciplines, and attending a wide variety of events around the world. Our staff and our suppliers share the same passion as our founders. Together our inspiration and passion help us create innovative events, enjoyed by hundreds-of-thousands of people every year, the world over.