Top Gear Festival Sydney Media Launch 2013

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Prior to the inaugural Top Gear Festival Sydney, MotoKinetic were involved in the media/press launch at Sydney Motorsport Park.

Working with a very short timeframe we needed to produce a “never before seen” stunt to help capture media interest for the event.

The concept was to host the press launch on the front straight of the circuit, and have a selection of vehicles from the event on hand to help tell the story of what the upcoming event would be. And after the official press/media presentation the stunt was to take place.

The end result was a formation of road, racing, and drift cars, and bikes, and a stunt plane, all travelling in close proximity down the front straight of the circuit. This required us to land the stunt plane, flown by Australian ace, Matt Hall, on the front straight of Sydney Motorsport Park; and conduct a take-off, of course.

We worked with the pilot and ground crew, to establish safe flying speeds and heights to base the formation on, then calculated the travel times of the cars to ensure we could execute the stunt, live and unrehearsed in front of the nation’s media.

We briefed all drivers, riders, and air crew, and had constant radio communication between the plane, and cars, to ensure the stunt was a success. We also were responsible for the management of safety with respect to placement of camera and sound crews from media outlets.


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